Intuition, truth and seperating

For the last few lodges we have been working on deepening the teachings for the girls. They have grown and changed so much recently…some of the girls are now 14. We have been feeling changes coming for the lodge and big shifts. I personally feel all we have been sharing with them so far will become the tools they will use to navigate the coming years…I am so grateful we started early when they were young.


The june lodge we began preparing them for some initiatory challenges we are planning and its so exciting…They worked with an exercise called past present future you after the half girl story.. then in pairs they tested their powers of intuition.

We also now have two more lodges in our community. The little sisters age 8 and 9 and the Wild Moon Sisters age 9 , 10 , 11. They love their lodges too and this is the regeneration of culture in action… it is becoming normal in our community for girls to have this and it seems it will carry on down the generations… So happy .

Here is the wild moon sisters


Eartha Love x




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