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My name is Earth Love Varda and I am passionate about rewilding land and people, Earth connection, mentoring, dreaming and dancing. I have travelled the Earth widely learning about Native ways and shamanism. I now live a nomadic life on the road with my family.

I created the Becoming Native Project to help people explore, deepen and understand their connectedness to the Earth and the Cosmos and how to live this with authenticity.   Rewilding ourselves is a journey, a coming home to our Natural Self. I seek to bring ways of seeing, knowing, connecting and merging with the natural world to others.

The becoming native project holds  children ‘s sacred space and earth awareness  workshops…through ceremony, stories, games, songs, crafts and nature connection activities we help children keep their  sense of belonging to the earth and connection to the land.. drawing on ancient native ways but creating new pathways… so a new culture born of the land may flourish…exploring what it means to  ‘become native’ again to this land ..

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I am a trustee of the Live Earth Trust which puts the Earth at the centre and works to plant the seeds of new cultural patterns in communities .The charity has created the Sacred Land Scheme which buys land and gives it back to the Earth mother. We are in the process of rewilding the first sacred land, and call them Earthearts.

I co-created and am still developing the Native Learning Wheel which I use at home with our daughters.

My deepening path has now brought me to the understanding of the need to be with our daughters as they journey to womanhood and to create lodges for them. Weaving a bundle of teachings, ceremonies, stories, drum journeys and meditations; i bring Becoming Native to girls and also to the women. Together with four other beautiful Earth sisters, we gather together every month and bring our unique individual truths and wisdom to the circle of girls.  We offer a camp in august to the wider community.

I began telling children indigenous stories from around the world, but I am now writing new stories from this land, for a new time, helping to create a new culture…mentoring the girls through the teachings of the animals, plants, trees and the gifts of all our relations and through earth body connection, stories of connection , of the wild land, of earth as home, of their connection to their cyclic natures, of being woman… I have also created meditation’s and drum journeys and songs I use with the girls..

My website offers all the stories , songs, meditations and drum journeys and ceremonies,teachings and games i use with the girls to be downloaded for a donation. Allowing women, mothers, home educators and outdoor educators who are gathering around or working with girls to use.

 As our daughters carry within them the seeds of future generations, by nurturing them we nurture the future generations, therefore nurturing our Earth Mother.

Email :becomingnative@gmail.com                                        www.talesfromtheeartheart.com

Rachael Crow

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My life’s work is connecting women to their amazing cyclical power- which is reflected in all of nature, to reconnect them to the cycles of the moon, the rhythms of the seasons (of their body and the earth) and to teach the power in giving away their precious blood in ceremony to the Great Mother. For only when our menstrual blood nourishes, feeds and connects us to Mother Earth will the bloodshed of war be neutralised. Women are the bringers of peace. I am Earth Keeper, I am the earth, I hold the earth at my centre and consider her in all my actions.

me drum landscapeI work with individuals, groups and communities; offering  Wise Women’s WorkshopsThirteen Moons year long training, ‘Celebrating Menarche’- mother and daughter days, rites of passage ceremonies with young women, ‘Power of Menstruation’ menstrual awareness courses, Shamanic Drum making,  Reiki Classes,  in my doula work I offer blessingways and naming ceremonies.

My workshops have been requested at various community events to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I am dedicated to my own journey of self growth and to supporting others on theirs.

My Women’s Workshops are a women only safe space to explore and journey deep within. We use art, movement, chanting, drumming, silence, journeying, visualisation and ceremony to support women to make the transformations they need in their lives now.

My original hand made merchandise reflects my love of people and the planet- my art work is available as cards (each full of sparkly things and affirmations), prints and I have my own set of daily affirmation cards to inspire and empower. I have written books for women and girls on celebrating their cycle  and I’ve designed the most environmentally friendly sanitary wear imaginable! Moon Times pads are made from organic cotton and hemp- and are pretty as well as kind to Mother Earth.

Jenny Carr


Jenny lives and works in West Wales. A mother and textile artist, embroiderer, she is passionate about natural crafts and textile process and natural dying. Jenny has been a felt maker for 20 years running workshops for all ages. She gained a BA in Fashion Design and Textiles at London College of Fashion.

She enjoys sitting in circle with women and girls and has co- created, with three other beautiful women, a girls lodge bringing her experience of natural crafts. Her enthusiasm comes from having two daughters; seeing the importance of creating sacred space for girls to journey into womanhood learning and uncovering the mysteries of woman’s ways.